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The RDE Methodology

“Really great products and really huge successes don’t come from focus groups! And if you simply rely on trial and error, or guesswork, you’ll lose far more often than you’ll win. Now, there’s a solution: Rule Developing Experimentation”  – Selling Blue … Continue reading

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QR Codes…Are They Here to Stay?

There has been a great deal of discussion lately about QR codes. While these clever codes can hold a tremendous amount of data that can easily be retrieved using a smart phone with a QR Code app, they don’t seem … Continue reading

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Optimism in a Sea of Pessimism

I am forever the optimist! I have been an optimist most of my life – but that doesn‘t mean I have never suffered disappointment or failure. We all do – at some point in time. The key is to keep your … Continue reading

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Does Social Media Work?

I recently had lunch with an old colleague of mine. While breaking bread together we started talking about social media.  We discussed the fact that so many companies now have Facebook pages, LinkedIn profiles and Twitter accounts, but they don’t have a real … Continue reading

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Judy Willis Marketing, LLC

Judy Willis Marketing, LLC is an issues-based, data-driven marketing  consultancy that works with senior executives to resolve business issues using fact-based methodologies and market research. The firm helps companies looking for increased revenue enhancement; new product and service innovations; improved … Continue reading

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